My Wallet and Me

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The Gift for Christmas

We all know that Christmas is coming, and I am trying to save more money because I have plenty of godchildren. I am sure all of them are wishing for a gift. They are all still kids, so most of them like toys. But for my son, he wanted to have a drum this Christmas. I told him to tell his father that he likes this pearl forum series so much. I honestly not sure if his father can afford to buy this drum.

Found Great Deals

Oh! This is awesome. The price for reverb guitar has been dropped. That’s cool because my son wanted to buy this guitar pedal but his savings is not yet enough. And now, when I visited the site, I saw it that they gave a huge discount on this item. My son didn’t know it yet, and I know, he will be happy for this good news. I just wish he still has money now because, a few days ago, he and his classmates went to a resort and I am sure, he spent money on that day.

Call Customer Service

If you have any problems with or questions about a purchase or services you have received, call customer service. That’s what it’s for. You can ease your dissatisfaction by asking customer service to help you receive a refund, locate a product you couldn’t find or solve a service problem with a store. If you have been wronged by a store or salesperson, customer service should help you get what you paid for.

Request a refund if you are not satisfied with a product or service and feel you deserve a refund, it’s important that make a formal complaint. Customer satisfaction is a top priority to most reputable companies.

Knitted Tops

I like the two colors knitted tops, and this top is perfect for spring time. You could pair it with your jeans or leggings, and wear it as one of your everyday clothes.


Knitted Beige Top



Knitted Light Blue Top


Counterfeit Goods or Products

Counterfeit goods almost always have a price that’s too good to be true. If you are looking for the real thing, such as a Rolex watch or Gucci handbag, know whether what you are buying is worth the money you were spending.

Counterfeit goods are usually sold by street vendors or small, questionable-looking stores. Quality products are sold by establishment merchants at fixed locations. A product without a manufacturer’s label, wrapped in flimsy packaging and lacking a warranty is often a fake.

Unfortunately, once you buy a counterfeit product, there’s not much you can do. A manufacturer of the genuine article won’t be able to help you. The only way to get your money back is to find and confront the original seller, which is usually next to impossible.

I Want a Foot Massage

It has been a while since I had a foot massage, and I have been planning to go back at the massage place, but it always ended up putting it on my last agenda. I would only remember for it if my foot is so tired again. It’s really good to have a foot massage once in a while because it promotes circulation of blood in our feet. Stretching and walking plus gentle foot massages are a godsend after a long day’s work. Anyhow, here are simple tips on how to take care of your feet.

Epsom salts could help soothe your feet and as a result, it relieves foot pain. To make the right solution, you must add about 2tbsp of Epsom salts in a warm water tub and dip your feet in them for about 10 minutes. Dry your feet and apply powder.

Pick a soft patch of ground, lie back, and prop your feet onto chair. Hold this position for 10 minutes so that the blood can flow away from your feet. This is usually done to reduce swellings and tiredness from the lower half of your body.

Planning to Buy Guitar Accessories

I have mentioned from my other blog that my son receives a guitar as a gift to him for doing a good job on his studies. Even if he has a guitar already, receiving a new one absolutely makes him happy. He is not a professional guitarist, but he loves playing a guitar and aside from playing on it, he also interested on learning every part of the guitar.

He likes to know what makes a guitar to become more beautiful when it comes to listening to its sounds. His friend told him that there are guitar accessories that could add better sound when you strum the guitar. My son’s friend mentioned the exg. It is a tool where you can install to the guitar. It helps the guitar to create a wonderful sound or tone. But sorry to my son, I can’t buy it for I don’t have the extra budget for now. If I have extra funds, I would sure buy it for him.

Repair, Don’t Re-Buy, Leather

Leather is largely garnered from factory farming of cows and pigs. The process used to transform the animals’ skin into the leather sold in stores depends largely on a mix of harmful chemicals. When buying leather products, consider fair trade organizations that rely on free-range cattle and good working conditions for the people processing the hides. Extend the life of shoes by having them repaired rather than replaced. This supports a local business, and it saves natural resources.

Accessorize Smart

The purse, the wallet, the belt, and the jewelry, all of these can help make your outfit. Look for accessories, such as purses, that incorporate organic and recycled materials. When it comes to purchasing jewelry, consider the eco-friendly options. Organizations such as Global Exchange carry jewelry made of silver and other bright gemstones made by small organizations in an effort to promote sustainability. Another group, greenKarat, promotes the use of recycled gold.

Give Those Clothes Away

Donating clothes to a charity or selling them to a conscription shop ensure that your materials are not unnecessarily wasted in a landfill. More and more manufacturers are turning to reusable or recycled materials for their clothing. On the flip side, there is no better to way to save resources than to buy clothes someone else is not wearing anymore. It saves natural resources both in creating the material and processing it. The work has been done and the energy spent. Consignment shops all over the country sell gently used clothing and accessories and can come in particularly handy when you need an outfit that you may only wear once or twice.