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I Want a Foot Massage

It has been a while since I had a foot massage, and I have been planning to go back at the massage place, but it always ended up putting it on my last agenda. I would only remember for it if my foot is so tired again. It’s really good to have a foot massage once in a while because it promotes circulation of blood in our feet. Stretching and walking plus gentle foot massages are a godsend after a long day’s work. Anyhow, here are simple tips on how to take care of your feet.

Epsom salts could help soothe your feet and as a result, it relieves foot pain. To make the right solution, you must add about 2tbsp of Epsom salts in a warm water tub and dip your feet in them for about 10 minutes. Dry your feet and apply powder.

Pick a soft patch of ground, lie back, and prop your feet onto chair. Hold this position for 10 minutes so that the blood can flow away from your feet. This is usually done to reduce swellings and tiredness from the lower half of your body.

Planning to Buy Guitar Accessories

I have mentioned from my other blog that my son receives a guitar as a gift to him for doing a good job on his studies. Even if he has a guitar already, receiving a new one absolutely makes him happy. He is not a professional guitarist, but he loves playing a guitar and aside from playing on it, he also interested on learning every part of the guitar.

He likes to know what makes a guitar to become more beautiful when it comes to listening to its sounds. His friend told him that there are guitar accessories that could add better sound when you strum the guitar. My son’s friend mentioned the exg. It is a tool where you can install to the guitar. It helps the guitar to create a wonderful sound or tone. But sorry to my son, I can’t buy it for I don’t have the extra budget for now. If I have extra funds, I would sure buy it for him.

Repair, Don’t Re-Buy, Leather

Leather is largely garnered from factory farming of cows and pigs. The process used to transform the animals’ skin into the leather sold in stores depends largely on a mix of harmful chemicals. When buying leather products, consider fair trade organizations that rely on free-range cattle and good working conditions for the people processing the hides. Extend the life of shoes by having them repaired rather than replaced. This supports a local business, and it saves natural resources.

Accessorize Smart

The purse, the wallet, the belt, and the jewelry, all of these can help make your outfit. Look for accessories, such as purses, that incorporate organic and recycled materials. When it comes to purchasing jewelry, consider the eco-friendly options. Organizations such as Global Exchange carry jewelry made of silver and other bright gemstones made by small organizations in an effort to promote sustainability. Another group, greenKarat, promotes the use of recycled gold.

Give Those Clothes Away

Donating clothes to a charity or selling them to a conscription shop ensure that your materials are not unnecessarily wasted in a landfill. More and more manufacturers are turning to reusable or recycled materials for their clothing. On the flip side, there is no better to way to save resources than to buy clothes someone else is not wearing anymore. It saves natural resources both in creating the material and processing it. The work has been done and the energy spent. Consignment shops all over the country sell gently used clothing and accessories and can come in particularly handy when you need an outfit that you may only wear once or twice.

Relying on technology rather than on relationships.

Technology is part of our daily lives nowadays. It’s a great tool, especially if you are in business. However, even if it can help you with your business, it doesn’t close the sale for you. Sales are made from relationships, and if you have good relationships with your customers, they will surely write good reviews of the product they bought. Just like my son, he was looking for a nice but not expensive microphone, and every time he found a good one, he makes sure that he will read the review of the product first. This will help him decide if the product is worth buying or not. Anyhow, I can’t wait for the delivery of the new microphone.

Help for Used-Car Buyers

The same strategies for buying a new car apply to buying a used car, but there’s even more to think about. To avoid rip-offs:

Have a mechanic check the car before you buy it. Use a diagnostic center or an independent service. Make sure that necessary repairs are included in the purchase price. Negotiate with the seller to include the cost of any repairs your mechanic deems necessary. Bargain up from the loan value, not down from the asking price. Loan value is what a bank or financing company will lend you on the vehicle, and lastly, shop around for financing. Rates are usually much higher for financing used cars than for new vehicles. If a new car can be financed at 8% a year, a two-year-old car might have a 15% financing rate at the dealership. Just as with a new car, get a copy of the proposed finance contract and see what your bank or financing company will offer you.

How to Buy a Car

An educated buyer can save more than an uneducated car buyer on an average-priced new car. If you want to save more money on buying a car, here’s the tips for you.

Showing too much enthusiasm.
If you act too excited, the salesperson will know that he/she has something you want… and that you would pay for it. Keep your enthusiasm in check until you have completed the transaction.

Buying in haste.
Take your time to comparison shop. Use Internet car-buying sites to help you decide how much to pay for a car. Do not feel that you must buy on your first visit to the dealership. If you take your time and are willing to walk away from an unacceptable bid, the price will fall.

Giving a deposit before the dealer approves your offer.
A deposit at this point in negotiations is simply a way to keep you around while trying to convince you to pay more.
Being pressured into a lease when you want to purchase.

Dealership make much more profit leasing a vehicle than selling it. So they try to turn buyers into lessees.
Financing through the dealership before considering all your options. Take a copy of the dealer’s filled-in contract to your bank or financing company to compare costs. If the dealer won’t give you a copy of the financing agreement, odds are it is not the cheapest.

Rush Sale a 2-year Old Piano

A few days from now it is my son’s wedding, that is why I am so busy these days preparing all the things for the wedding. Well, as of today, we are almost done with all the things needed for the wedding. Yesterday, we decorated the reception area, and we will continue it today. The choir singers were also busy practicing their songs. Anyhow, the owner of the musical instrument that we rented, she is selling her 2-year old piano, and she told me that she was looking for piano buyers. So, if you know somebody who wants to buy a slightly used piano, just leave your comment here, and I will give you her number. However, if you want a brand new piano, just click the link that I have provided above.

Rethink Soda

Soda consumption has skyrocketed over the past five years, increasing 500 percent. Soft drinks make up approximately 28 percent of all drinks consumed. But soda may not be such a good choice when it comes to options regarding people or the planet. The good news is, the move to organics has not only affected food; it is made a difference in the beverage industry, too. If you need to have that fizz when it comes to drinks, there are some organic and healthy options to choose from. Herb-All Barley offers a line of organic drinks made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial colors.

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